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About Us - Manufactured Housing Association of Oklahoma

6400 S. Shields
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73149

Contact Information:
Phone: 405.634.5050 or 800.234.6426
Fax: 405.634.5355
Email: MHAO@MHAO.org

Our Mission:
The Manufactured Housing Association of Oklahoma's (MHAO) mission is to advance the availability and ownership of manufactured housing and desirable sites throughout the great state of Oklahoma.

About Us:
For more than 30 years, the Manufactured Housing Association of Oklahoma has led the way as the voice of the manufactured housing industry in Oklahoma. Through determination and pride the manufactured housing industry today has earned its place in Oklahoma's housing market. Today, the industry is known for providing a safe, affordable and innovative housing alternative for thousands of Oklahomans yearly.

It all started from a handful of pioneering individuals with vision. Today we have nearly 400 members and associates. MHAO has dedicated itself to a spirit of cooperation, striving for quality and excellence in construction, sale and placement of all manufactured homes.

MHAO members - retailers, manufacturers, finance/insurance, supplier/service, and community owners/developers - work together speaking with one voice through its elected officers, on both state and national levels.

The Manufactured Housing Association of Oklahoma is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing its members with tools and information needed to help shape a successful business environment and a profitable housing market in home sales.

As we explore the new millenium, MHAO will continue to develop programs and make opportunities available for its members, fostering growth through professional development seminars, workshops and providing the most up-to-date information available to the industry. The members of MHAO have and will continue to make a difference. MHAO membership is an investment in the future of affordable housing.

Just the Facts:

Currently over 162,251 Oklahoman's reside in a manufactured home

Nearly 80% of the new manufactured houses purchased in Oklahoma each year go to one home site and remain there permanently.

That is the reason the term "manufactured house" is now used instead of "mobile home".
"Manufactured house" applies to homes built since 1976, the year HUD began a national building code for manufactured housing. Technically speaking, only pre-1976 houses are called "mobile homes".

Manufactured homes do appreciate in value.

Studies since the early 1980's consistently show that today's modern manufactured homes appreciate in value under the same circumstances as site-built housing such as when the home is placed on a quality home-site and is well maintained.

Oklahoma is part of a national trend toward manufactured housing.

One out of three new homes sold in the U.S. is a manufactured home.

Local zoning ordinances, which arbitrarily discriminate against manufactured homes, are subject to legal challenge.

Progressive Oklahoma cities are now setting zoning standards based on housing features such as the size and shape of the house, type of siding and type of roof. Currently over 162,251 Oklahomans live in a manufactured home.

Planning officials recognize that residents often cannot tell - nor do they care - whether a house was originally built on site or in a factory.

Over half of the new manufactured homes currently coming into Oklahoma are multi-section homes.

Properly placed on home site, multi-section homes are often virtually indistinguishable from site-built homes of the same size.

Home ownership makes for better citizens. Owners of manufactured housing register and vote at a higher rate than the population at large.

Today's manufactured homes are built to tough federal standards for fire and other safety considerations.

Tough federal construction and safety standards mean that a manufactured home provides safe, secure and affordable housing. For example, the incidence of fire in a modern manufactured home is lower than for site-built houses.

Statistically Speaking:

In 2007 the number of manufactured homes on personal property throughout Oklahoma was approximately 67,525 or 42% the number of homes, on real estate which was 94,726 or 58% based on OTC-Ad Valorem records.

It was reported that in 2007 the “fair cash value” of manufactured homes in Oklahoma was over $2.7 billion. The assessed value of manufactured homes in Oklahoma was $320 million and the total tax dollars collected by County Treasurers was over $27 million! Yes we do pay our share of ad valorem taxes!

It is also reported by the Oklahoma Tax Commission-Motor Vehicle Division in 2007 that the industry had approx. 6,379 homes registered in Oklahoma. Registration fees collected was $1,062,423, up compared to 2006. Manufactured homes are titled and charged an excise tax the first year of ownership before they go on the Ad Valorem Tax Rolls either as Real or Personal Property! Oklahoma laws do allow the titles to be surrendered to the OTC if the home is permanently attached to the real estate and if there is no lien on the title. Once homes are listed as real estate they are treated like any other structure attached to real estate.

The Manufactured Housing Association of Oklahoma represents all segments of the manufactured housing industry.

Members include manufacturers, retailers, community owners/developers, as well as financial, insurance, service and supply companies, which serve the industry.

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