Now You Can Begin

If you have any questions about placement of a manufactured home on your property, make certain you get the following information from a local zoning official or Register of Deeds office: 

  • A legal description of your property.
  • Any site improvements necessary for your property.
  • Location of easements or flood plains which may affect placement.
  • Zoning district or designation of the proposed manufactured home site.
  • Zoning regulations for the district (lot size required, set-backs, etc.)
  • Permit requirements.
  • Special conditions or requirements for siting manufactured homes.
  • Availability of utilities and requirements for utility connections.
  • Deed restrictions or subdivision requirements that may apply.

If your request to site your manufactured home is denied, ask for a detailed reason for the denial to be stated in writing. Manufactured homes built after 1976 come under a preemptive Federal building code (HUD Code). This means it is against Federal regulations to discriminate against the placement of a HUD-Code home based on the building codes. The local building code cannot supersede the Federal code.