Where Can I Live?

Despite the vast structural and aesthetic improvements in manufactured homes during recent years, many Oklahoma cities and counties still restrict such homes in residential districts. 

The Manufactured Housing Association of Oklahoma has developed this guide to help you, the home owner, find a place for you and your family--in your new manufactured home. 

This guide provides information that should be useful in dealing with discriminatory zoning policies against manufactured homes. Developing and understanding the zoning process and the political forces involved can be an important factor in gaining approval for siting your manufactured home. 

MHAO is working to change the outdated attitudes and perceptions of manufactured housing that have resulted in zoning and land-use regulations that are barriers to manufactured home owners. You will greatly increase your chances of successfully siting your home by familiarizing yourself with this information and then closely following the suggested format. 

When you have questions or need additional assistance, contact your manufactured home retailer.